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What have I been up to lately?!?!?!
Well, I've been very busy the last few days.  Traveling all around!   Well, for starters, I got level 50 earlier this week.  I went and did G1!

Knocked G1 out in about an hour or so with Riikuu and Nanakii :)  Thanks a bunch, guys!

On the way to do my PUP AF, we killed something on the boat.  I hit lv51! 

After doing some G1, I went and started on my artifact.   I must say, PUP AF is a BITCH.   I absolutely hated it.   Too much running around with lack of staging points/IS to use them.   The only thing I liked about PUP AF was the fact that I didn't have to deal with the coffer bullshit of the pre-ToAU15.

The Pup. Churidars quest was nothing compared to the Taj quest (ohmygod, I think I spent like 2 hours just traveling)   Well, after I got my churidars (on whm, if you didn't notice) I realized I didn't have a warp.  So what does any sane person do when they want to leave the mire ASAP?

That's right! You guessed it!   Check my HP, and check what my character is doing! lol

After I got that piece, I started my PUP Taj quest.  I must say, the Velkreng fight was a bit difficult.  (We wiped the first time, I forgot to do strat)
Well, we won the second time.  I didn't bother doing all of the running around that night, so I put it off for about 11 hours.

Woke up the next morning and BAM!

Aren't I cute? :D

Since usually 2 AFs are quested, and 3 are coffers, the ToAU3 are 2 quested-3 synthesis materials.   PUP AF is quite expensive- roughly 150-250k if I'm going to guess.   I don't even want to know the exact amount -_-

Turned in Babauches and Dastanas so far..

Getting my Tobe on monday :)

And, because all of those pictures are boarderline cute, I decided to take a screenshot JUST for the cute factor:

Aww. I'm adorable.

Anyways, I got my Dancer done last night. Went from 26-37 in 3 parties.   After dancer, I worked on WAR a bit.  Only went 25-29 before everyone in my marathon party wanted to sleep.  The sync target went from 12-24 in about 5 hours.
Going to try to get a few levels on PUP before I have to grind from 29 to 37 on WAR (FML, I hate WAR)

Guess that's all for now!! Sorry for taking so long for an update.  I just wanted to bundle it all up in one post.


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