Whoa! I was busy!
So, I've been busy.  Many accomplishments.

First, I got a lot of my subjobs worked on.  WAR 1-10, DNC 1-26, and MNK1-20.

I got myself a Herder's Subligar last night.  About 1/9 gold boxes, but it took 1h30minutes before the first gold box appeared!  Had 9 gold boxes pop within ~45minutes..

I worked on PUP a lot too.  Today, alone, I went 23-30!  

While EXPing today, I took a completely adorable picture! 

I thought it was cute. :)

Well, late last night I was EXPing PUP in Valkurm Dunes.  It was a blast.   Here's a little clip of what was going on. :)

Well, besides that, I've been keeping my skills near-capped so far.   My magic is about 7 levels undercap, my ranged is capped within 2k XP of dinging 75.

PUP is a blast.  I'm waiting for a Coiler to pop on the AH to enhance my damage!  


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